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Let us just tell you a little bit about ourselves.  

From the history of Sandusky County , published in 1882, we read that Mr. Isaac Parker moved into York Township about 1850, and about that time, together with the families of Michael Waltz, Jacob Harpster, David Harpster, and John Orwig, formed a group for worship in their homes.  In 1860, a frame church was built on what is now Route 20.  This was known as the Ebenezar or Pike Church of the Evangelical Association.  Many of the members of this Church helped to form and augment the Evangelical Church of Bellevue, until in 1912, the members all joined the Bellevue Church .  

The United Brethren people, also coming into the community from Pennsylvania , about this time, began holding meetings in the southwest part of York Township .  This class grew until in 1863, they built their first meeting house.  They chose the name Mount Carmel .  The church was built on land deeded to the trustees by Enoch Jones.  The trustees at that time were Enoch Jones, Levi Bowersox, Isaac Crouse, John Mowry, and Daniel Jones.  

A Sunday School was organized soon after the Church was built.  Fred Vickery was Superintendent for 25 years. 

On November 15, 1879, the York Township school board paid to the trustees of Mount Carmel Church , the sum of $40.00 for the use of the ground on which to build the school house.  After the centralization of the York School , this building became the community house.

In 1894 the Young People's Christian Union was organized.  In 1914 it was known as Christian Endeavor.  Today, it is known as Youth Fellowship.

In 1900, the Church was repaired with a new floor, new windows, a center door in front, instead of two doors as previously, steel ceiling, pulpit, stoves, seats, paper and paint for the whole building.  Sextons at this time received $12.00 per year for their work.  The first wedding held in the Church was in 1886. 

The Ladies' Aid Society was organized in 1910 and was active in helping needy families.  Today the Ladies are still sewing quilts for babies and the elderly. 

The basement and the Sunday School annex, were built in 1918, during the pastorate of Rev. E. J. Haldeman.  At this time, the entrance was changed from the front center, to the south side.  On December 8, 1918, this addition was dedicated.

The Women's Society of World Service was organized in 1936 by Bessie Coen, the pastor's wife.  They created interest in the missionary program of the Church, also sponsored mother-daughter banquets, father-son banquets, and the annual Kentucky cornbread and bean supper.  A girl's guild was organized later.

In 1936, the Monday Night Bible Class was also started with six young people meeting under the leadership of Lela Nicely.  A record attendance of 97 was reached in 1947.  The Bible Class was carried on for 25 years until Mrs. Nicely resigned.

Rev. John Arnold, was the first young man to be licensed to preach from this congregation.  since that time, there have been several others to go into full time Christian service, including, Donald Young, Donald Girton, Dale Girton, Mark Reep, Terry Will and Gary Folk.

About 1940, a gift of $7,000.00 was given in memory of a former pastor, Rev. Hill.  Part of this money was used in 1944 to purchase a parsonage on Rt. 177,  and on December 3, 1944 it was dedicated with the Rev. V.J. Allman officiating.  The Church was also made a station, and separated from the Old Fort Church .

A Church Orchestra was organized in 1944 and was directed by Mr. Bliss of Bloomville; later by Prof. Weiderhold of Fremont.  They played in many Churches as far away as Columbus, Ohio.

The Mt. Carmel Men's Brotherhood was organized in 1945 by Rev. Ward with a membership of 30.  Their first project was purchasing a sound movie picture projector.

In 1949, the Church was redecorated.  New hardwood floors were laid.  The pulpit furniture was reupholstered and new lighting was installed. 

Then on April 28, 1951, both Church and community house were seriously damaged by wind and rain.  Three-fourths of the roof was blown from the Church with much damage done to all contents.  By May 20, this was repaired to the extent that services could be held again.


In 1952, the Christian Fellowship Class took the cultivation of 60 acres of land and increased to 96 acres the next year. The land was farmed on shares with the owner.  This project continued for several years with the proceeds going to the building fund.  On April 27, 1953, a project to build on and excavate was discussed.  Work soon began with the digging of a new basement, 21' added to the sanctuary, two classrooms and glass-fronted nursery installed, the old wooden belfry removed and a classroom built in the tower above the front vestibule.  This classroom eventually became the pastor's study.  A new outside entrance was made to the old basement and the first floor on the north side.  The total cost was $37,442.17.

A new heating system was installed, as well as new modernfold plastic doors between the sanctuary and Sunday School annex, and at the rear of the sanctuary.  All new pews and a new Hammond electric organ were purchased, and new Moss Tubular chimes were given by C.L. Woleslagel and Helen Gilbert in memory of their parents.  On March 14, 1954, a dedication service was held for the addition and  improvements.


Then, in September, 1958, a storm damaged the Church again.  Oak wood was used to make woodwork and an archway in the front of the Church.  New carpet, new pulpit chairs, walls repainted, and a new piano donated by Rev. W.B. Smith, in memory of Mrs. Smith were all part of the renovation.  A dedication service was held November 30, 1959 with Rev. Johnson as the speaker.  On January 26, 1964, a note burning service was held to celebrate paying off the debt.

In the late 1960's, our Church choir was organized with the assistance of Mrs. Joe Miller, the pastor's wife.  It continued under the direction of Janet Gilbert and is in service today under the leadership of Betty Will and Norma Wade and Joyce Craig at the organ and piano.  In 1983, choir robes were donated by Rev. McCleary's former Church.  IN 1991, new robes were purchased.

In 1968 Mt. Carmel became a part of the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist merge taking the new name of Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church.  In the same year, the baseball team was organized.

On May 16, 1971, our Church became a two-charge circuit sharing our minister with Pleasant Ridge United Methodist Church.  On June 30, 1971, the old barn was taken down and a two-car garage was built at the parsonage.  In June 1978, new front doors with glass windows were purchased for the Church by the Christian Fellowship Class.  In December 1981, a new neon cross was installed on top of the Church, the first one being purchased by the Monday Night Bible Class.  It was voted to put insulation in the Church in 1981 at a cost of $1,223.11.

In June 1984, the roof was replaced over the entrance of the Church by a slanting roof.  A new cement entrance was installed and block basement windows were installed at a later date.  In 1984 and 1985, under the pastorate of Rev. McCleary the first discussion of building a fellowship hall took place.  It was decided that our Church's biggest physical need was a good kitchen and enough space for receptions.  During the year, our parsonage was stripped of its old wood shingles and new vinyl siding put on.

Several items have been donated to the Church down through the years with many of them still in use; one of the most prominent being the stained-glass picture windows.  These were installed in May 1985 on the west wall of the platform in memory of Wilbur Folk, our long-time janitor and in honor of his wife, Mary.  She was our organist for 60 years, retiring in 1990.

The Church pews and pulpit chairs were recovered in August 1987.

During the Charge Conference meeting on October 7, 1990, it was voted to go ahead with building a fellowship hall.  Two huge trees were removed to make room for our dream.  In 1991, the old cement was ripped up and new cement was poured in the back basement Sunday School rooms.  During 1992, a new roof was put on the parsonage garage, and it was re-sided with vinyl.  In the year of 1993, the front porch of the parsonage was removed and extended into a large living room.

In 1993, the old community house that was built in 1879 was burned to the ground....in spite of good memories.....in good faith that the new and improved would meet our needs much better.  During the summer of 1994, a new roof was installed on our Church building at a cost of $9,156.00.  Our organ was replaced this year at a cost of $3,000.00.  Also, in 1999, a digital piano was purchased, through donations, at a cost of $3,900.00.

In 1994, the Church purchased 6.7 acres of land north of the Church on County Road 183 for $21,000.00 to make room for the extra parking, well, and septic leach system.  Two lots were sold in 1995 and our complete purchase price was recouped.  A 30' x 60' shelter house was built on the remaining land.  The shelter was completed with the addition of picnic tables constructed by Boy Scout Troop 406.

A building committee was formed in 1995, with Sam Lynch as Chairman, assisted by Jean Maye.  A fund-raiser was put into place with the help of Rev. McFadden, called "Capture the Vision."  We were able to raise almost $160,000.00 through pledges from our givers, to be paid over the next six years.

Later, one of our own congregation, Paul Lynch, of Lynch Construction, Clyde, was voted as contractor for the building project.  On April 26, 1998, ground was broken for the new building.

Extended parking was added during 1999.  A landscaping project was completed for the east side of the new building by Adam Dendinger for his Eagle Scout Award, assisted by the other members of Troop 406.

Finally, our ribbon cutting ceremony was held on February 20, 2000.

The first uses of our new fellowship hall were for the 50th anniversary celebration of Martin and Betty Will and the wedding reception for Noel and Sharon Maye.

Since the completion of our new Fellowship Hall we have held numerous dinners, banquets, receptions, reunions, volleyball league games, dartball games and tournaments, birthday parties, surprise parties, graduations parties, youth events, Home Schooling meetings, garage sales, craft shows, and many more events.  One young lady from our congregation even took it upon herself to host a prom for several students who had been in an accident and did not get to attend their own prom.

In 2004, we updated our old Church directory.  Mike and Sharon Baxter, from our own congregation, took most of the pictures and designed the new directory.  Thanks to all their hard work and talents we now have a beautiful new book full of memories.

We give God all the glory for our new building and our Church.  We are purely country folk with country hearts who love the Lord.  For it is through Him that all things are possible.  Praise God.



Sunday, May 28, 2023

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